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Kalibiru National Park, Yogyakarta

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Kalibiru National Park, Yogyakarta

Kalibiru National Park is one of the forest areas that became famous recently in Jogja. This area was once a large forest in the Menoreh Mountains, Kulonprogo, Jogja. The efforts and hard work of the surrounding community changed it into a national park. They carry out massive reforestation. This Forestry Community has received permission from the government to maintain the forest. With such a big struggle, at last, Kalibiru tourism park was born in Kulon Progo. The Kalibiru is spacious and very beautiful. Well, here are five things to do to enjoy this National Park. Yogyakarta driver.

1. Looking At Sermo Reservoir And Menoreh Mountains
Sermo Reservoir and Menoreh Mountains is the main attraction in Kalibiru. Here, the visitors will see them from the photo spot in a tree. They need to climb up the ladder in the tree’s body. Then, they need to go up to see the Sermo and Menoreh Mountains. The wooden board is very special for lovers. That’s why many of them get a photo there. In the holiday season and weekend, this spot is the best selling. Thus, no wonder if many people are willing to queue to feel the sensation. Driver in Yogyakarta

2. Waiting for Sunset In Kalibiru
Sunset in Kalibiru is the coolest and best thing in the area. It is because the visitors will enjoy the sunset in the middle of the forest. Moreover, Sermo Reservoir will be much more exotic when the sky turns to purplish orange. Yogyakarta tour transport. Thus, this place perfect for couples.

3. Trying All Outbound Types
Kalibiru National Park is popular for students’ trip and outbound center for children’s activity. As an outbound center, the visitors and their children can try all rides in this place. Moreover, trying flying fox with a height of 50 m above ground level will challenge their adrenaline. Furthermore, it will also train the children’s braveness. Yogyakarta Travel. Other spots here are wooden bridge ride, spider web, climbing, etc. Those spots won’t make the visitors bored and will challenge themselves.

4. Trekking in Kalibiru Jogjakarta
The forest area Kalibiru is wide enough including the tourism village of Kalibiru. Therefore, trekking is another alternative thing to do in this National Park. The visitors could explore the forest area and get to know the natural inhabitants. Best places at Yogyakarta. Here, the visitors could also explore the village in Kalibiru. A place where they can see the people and what they do. Additionally, they even can speak with them through a guide.

5. Enjoying Tourist Attraction In Kalibiru National Park
Things to do in Yogyakarta. One of the fun activities in Kalibiru tourism objects is visiting Kalibiru tourist attractions. There are many tourist destinations near Kalibiru that are ready to visit. These places close to the National Park, and have a beautiful view. There are Nglinggo Tea Garden, Kiskendo Cave, Kedung Pedut Waterfall, etc.

The holiday in Kalibiru National Park will be more exciting and fun. It’s not only because of the forest, but also the facilities and challenging outbound types. Moreover, this National Park will also help children to learn more about nature. This National Park always crowded especially on holiday. However, it’s not a problem while this park offers something incredibly awesome. No wonder if not only domestic visitors come here, but also overseas visitors. Pakej Jogja 4D3N the best choice of you who wants to visit Yogyakarta and enjoy the tour here.